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Equine massage keeps your horse supple and improves performance

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Advantages of Equizen massage

Improves blood circulation

Prevents injuries

Accelerates rehabilitation

How we work

An Equizen equine massage takes place at home and lasts about one hour. With the massage we resolve blockages, muscle knots and tensions that cause various technical riding problems.



After an introductory talk about the complaints, we feel the horse and get a general impression of the muscles and sensitivities.



Then we give a full muscle massage. During the massage we also take acupressure points towards the stomach, intestines, liver, etc. and finish the treatment with stretching.



We will explain to you what your horse is struggling with and where it is strained or limited in its mobility. Targeted training tips for the next few days will help your horse move better quickly.

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per treatment
Through hair analysis we check the inner health of your horse in order to detect various disturbances.
  • Hair can be sent
  • Detects health problems
  • Good addition to massage
  • Discount for several horses
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Equizen Massage

A full muscle and acupressure massage that improves the health problems of your horse.
  • For the general welfare of your horse
  • As rehabilitation after injury or surgery
  • Helps recovery after foaling
  • Discount for several horses
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Our offer


The price of a treatment depends on the number of horses per location and the distance from our location in Bree.

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Customer reviews

What do our customers say?

Swirltje enjoyed it 😍

Katrien Claesen

Merci pour vos soins prodigue à our Tornado

Celine Nakken Boutte

After some injury my horse Renske didn't walk very well. Many saw nothing but I kept feeling that she was not 100% and this caused reduced riding pleasure. Because she was not lame the cause was hard to find. Finally I made an appointment with Wilfried Nijsen van Equizen under the guise of 'don't benefit it then don't harm it'.
The first treatment Renske experienced as quite intense. It took a while before she could appreciate Wilfried. After the first treatment I didn't know my horse back under saddle! Immediately we rode away wonderfully.
Based on Wilfried's findings and my way of training I adjusted our goals. Now I have Renske treated on a maintenance base every 8 weeks and we both enjoy riding again.
Besides the treatment of the horse, Wilfried gives good advice and is always ready to think along, answer questions and give additional advice. If your horse suddenly doesn't feel well anymore he often succeeds to come by for a treatment.
Equizen made my horse and me smile back again!

Brechtje Schols

Top! Last Thursday Wilfried was with us in spite of the cold just to massage Alana, and what a difference I feel! She walks right through her body and over her back! I can only recommend Wilfried and Alana I also think

Sylke Herpers

Thank you Wilfried, Noxx has enjoyed himself. Got some great tips.

Cindy Detisch

This time I'm in it for my sweet chocolate. I am mega satisfied with the noblesse and the customer-friendliness and tips of Wilfried! I'm sure that chocolate will get in top shape thanks to the good hands and tips of Wilfried. And while you're at it, my mummy's topper Felix gets one from me because he means so much to her, helps me get over my scare and is so good with my daughter Emma! Good Felix deserves it! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Nina Van Keilegom

Highly recommended! My horse was relaxed from the first second! Even the day after he was still standing on the field ZEN! You really notice a difference while riding afterwards!

Naomi Peeters

Highly recommended! Noticeable difference while riding afterwards, he also gives tips on how best to ride and has checked my saddle! Super service!

Elke Theunis

Super satisfied with Admiral's treatment, the clear explanation and training tips!

Anne Govaerts

My old lady has been helped a lot by treating her. Thanks to Equizen she walks around happily again without pain

Elke Vandersanden

My mare also helped very well, especially in her suppleness and useful tips for training👌horses love it.

Sabine Ulenaers

Superservice! I've worked for 12 years as an amazon in stables up to international level and never knew this. Horse back in top shape at 1 treatment time. Agreed how to make him better during training and tips to get him loose! Top!

Nele Schelen

She really enjoyed it. Thank you.😊

Diana Zanoni-van Der Sande

After his colic surgery, my pony suffered an abdominal hernia. To help him with his rehabilitation, I contacted Equizen. Cointreau enjoys it every time! It's really nice to see how he relaxes completely when he is being massaged and he rehabilitates well too! An absolute must to help and pamper your horse!

Alana Duson

I'm glad we did the hair analysis at easy...

Asterid Verhage

Comes every 3 months for Helder, super satisfied, runs much finer and smoother.
Helder also loves it😉

Veronique Hemberg 

Last Thursday I had a nice treatment done for my pony and she feels great again!

Angelique Dommeck

Because my horse is holding tension in her muscles and because of that she will run even shorter than she already does. A massage in the right direction she will certainly appreciate😉 

Has done her well the previous time, so you can come back for sure! 💪

Patty Curvers

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